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Rent your aircraft in Rotterdam

At YouFly we believe a modern cirrus aircraft is easier, safer and more fun to fly. That’s why we offer our Cirrus SR20 airplane for rent at Rotterdam The Hague Airport at a fair hourly rate. Do you have 250 PIC hours and are you ready for more excitement?

YouFly might be just for you!

Caution: Excitement ahead!

Speed (kts)

Range (Km)

Fuel (L/Hour)

Endurance (Hour)

Having a Cirrus aircraft available for those unforgettable trips is awesome! Not everyone has the luxury to own a Cirrus aircraft, therefor YouFly brings this feeling of ownership to an exclusive group of pilots. Pilots that have outgrown the regular aircraft stuff and are hungry for more, rent their Cirrus aircraft at YouFly!

Chris & Mike

Founders & owners YouFly B.V.


The Cirrus SR20 G2 PH-YMC is a comfortable airplane with seating for four people. Cirrus is known for its safety features such as a parachute, which in case of an emergency, will bring the plane including passengers back safely to the ground. The Cirrus performance is remarkable for its 155 Knots speed, combined with relatively low fuel consumption. The Cirrus SR20 G2 distinguishes itself from other aircraft in its category by:

  • Better front view
  • Higher cruising speeds
  • Side-stick steering column
  • Emergency parachute
  • Comfortable cabin

Cirrus equipment

The PH-YMC is fully loaded with all the equipment you need, both VFR and IFR. The glass cockpit provides an excellent view of everything around you, always. Engine indicators, navigation aids, routes, flight director, lightning cells, airport charts, you name it.

  • Garmin GTN 650
  • Garmin GNS 430
  • WX500 Stormscope
  • S-Tec 55X Autopilot
  • Garmin S Transponder
  • Honeywell KGP 560 TAWS
  • Avidyne EMax 
  • Avidyne CMax
  • Artex ME406 MHZ ELT

Cirrus Check-out

The Cirrus SR20 is an advanced airplane, requiring a  check-out procedure. This check-out is performed by one of the Cirrus instructors. During this check-out you will be trained in using the systems, handling the engine and familiarization with the aerodynamic behaviour. The duration of this check-out depends on your flight experience and aptitude. We will arrange the instructor for you.

    Cirrus Hourly rate

    The hourly rate is based on the time the engine runs (hobbs). The hourly rate includes vat, fuel, maintenance and insurance. The hourly rate excludes landing fees, parking at ‘foreign’ airports and any other unforeseen surcharges.

    EUR 350,00

      Where to go? – Such a wide range!

       1HR    2HR    3HR    4HR    5HR    5,5HR


      Based in Rotterdam (ehrd)

      Rotterdam The Hague Airport is our homebase. The Cirrus PH-YMC is parked in the Klumpers hangar at Foxtrot. You can access Foxtrot via the entrance #19, next to the Jet Center. To get onto the airside, everyone needs to show their passport.

      Where have we been so far?

      Find out where our pilots have been flying the YouFly Cirrus aiplane, the performance of the aircraft and all available telemetrics. We keep a full history of our flights, shared publically on CirrusReports.

      cirrus reports telemetries