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Frequently Asked


What is the overall availability?

YouFly is an exclusive group of fortunate pilots – and we like to keep it that way. It (almost) never happens that the Cirrus is not available when you plan your trip.


How are payments handled?

Every pilot gets his own current account at YouFly. Via regular bank transfers you make deposits to your current account. Your balance is always visible to you.


Are fuel advantages settled?

Yes, the hourly rate is based on fuel-price at EHRD. If you purchase fuel at a cheaper rate using the YouFly card, the difference will be settled in your advantage.


Do i get invoiced?

Yes, the online booking system takes care of the invoicing. After every trip you create your own invoice which will be paid against your current account


How do I book the cirrus?

We have an online booking system, which shows you the availability. Booking a slot is done in ONE click. All pilots have their own key, so ready to go.


Can I plan a multi-day trip?

Yes you can! There is nothing more satisfying than taking the Cirrus for a long weekend somewhere on a distant location.

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