About Us


At YouFly we believe modern advanced airplanes are easier and safer to fly. That is why we offer a state of the art airplane at a fair rate per hour. Our Cirrus SR20 G2 is equipped with latest technology and is a pleasure to fly. The maintenance is handled by Cirrus, which guarantees an optimal technical condition

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is our homebase. The airplane is parked in a hangar, accessible via the entrance next to the Jet Center. To get onto the airside, everyone must have a valid ID.

Information for pilots

The Cirrus SR20 is an advanced airplane, requiring a  proper check-out procedure. This check-out is performed by an instructor from Cirrus. During this check-out you will be trained in using the systems, handling the engine and familiarization with the aerodynamic behaviour. The duration of this check-out depends on your flight experience and aptitude. The minimum requirements for a check-out are:

  • 100 flight hours as pilot in command and
    A valid private European pilot license

As soon as our instructor gives the green light, you can book the airplane yourself via the online booking page.